unifyi offers operating companies a single solution for invoice capture, coding, workflow automation, and reporting that transforms AP cycle times from weeks to days. This provides unprecedented cost oversight of actual expenses and budgets, delivering an accurate view of the AP pipeline that powers more informed decisions across the E&P organization. Importantly, with better visibility into current and impending expenses – automatically linked to vendor invoice terms like due date and discount – operators are able to accrue based on up-to-date AP data, which in turn optimizes revenue margins and cash flow.

Managing the inbound pipeline of expenses requires significant personnel to manually process invoices in their variety of formats, carrying with its high G&A costs. unifyi dramatically reduces such costs by eliminating manual processes and driving efficiency across AP processes. Companies may also require significant physical and digital infrastructure for the storage of what is all too often poorly organized AP data and documents.

With the establishment of efficient import practices, leveraging high-speed scanners, cloud storage, and cutting-edge tools, unifyi empowers companies with faster, modernized methods for processing and accessing crucial information. Plus, unifyi delivers software as a service (SaaS), dramatically decreasing the costs associated with servers and related storage software.

unifyi delivers a measurable return on investment by reducing G&A overhead, optimizing cash flow, and lowering IT costs. AP automation and creating a clear view of the expense pipeline also have an important impact on spend management. By minimizing AP data delays, clearly linking budgets with actual expenses, and fostering clarity across the AP process, unifyi elevates accountability for both employees and suppliers. And beyond driving AP cost optimization, Origo creates new efficiencies across the E&P organization that improve agility, competitiveness, and corporate success.

Where does your business fit into our AP automation maturity model below?  No matter where you are, unifyi's platform will add value and move your organization toward a completely automated and digital AP workflow.